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At Golden Hippo, we want to do more than sell products — we want to improve lives.

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We believe that a good life starts with good health — and we want to help as many people as possible enjoy a good life. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating the most innovative, powerful, and effective health, beauty, and pet care products.

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Golden Hippo, Golden Bolt and Golden Customer Care

Golden Hippo, Golden Bolt and Golden Customer Care are incredible organizations that work together to deliver the best in health, wellness, beauty, and pet products to people all over the world. We work in different locations, and do different jobs, but share one common goal: to help as many people as possible live long, healthy lives.

So… who are we, and how do we all work together?

Golden Bolt LLC

Golden Hippo is our headquarters, based in Woodland Hills, CA. Our teams at Golden Hippo build our family of brands from the ground up. That means, we do everything from creating brands and formulas to shooting and producing advertising content, to creating our own marketing materials in-house.

Golden Bolt LLC

Golden Bolt is part of our team that makes sure our life-changing formulas make it from our facilities in Memphis, TN and Chatsworth, CA, to the homes of our valued customers around the globe. Without our fulfillment experts at Golden Bolt, it would be impossible to revolutionize the health well being of our amazing customers.

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Golden Bolt LLC

Golden Customer Care is the bridge between our offices and our customers. Customer Care experts provide personalized, comprehensive care to consumers all over the globe. This includes giving great advice, assisting with sales, and troubleshooting, to make sure our customers have an “A+ experience” every time. Our Customer Care teams are based out of Chatsworth, CA and Salt Lake City, UT.

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We like to consider Golden Hippo, Golden Bolt and Golden Customer Care to be a “tripod” of connected companies. Like any tripod, all three legs need to be strong and well supported to stand. That’s why Golden Hippo, Golden Bolt and Golden Customer Care focus on working together and supporting one another, to help every single one of our customers live their healthiest life, and to help every single one of our employees thrive.

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