Frequently Asked Questions

Why Golden Hippo?

Golden represents the “golden ratio” - symbolizing nature’s perfect balance in all things. For us, it also symbolizes our belief in the Golden Rule - do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The Hippopotamus is sacred in many ancient cultures, with the name meaning, ‘Water Horse’. The Hippo’s wisdom is said to include imagination, emotional depth, creation, healing, protection of family, the birth of new ideas, and the ability to move gracefully and powerfully. These are the things we strive for, for both our customers and our team.

What do you do, exactly?

We partner with doctors and other experts to build category-leading brands, most of which fall within the categories of health, beauty, and pet care.

To do this, we develop unique, best-in-class products and use sophisticated direct-to-consumer marketing techniques to make those products profitable.

What are your company goals?

While many say we are building the next generation of direct-to-consumer brands, the reality is that in a few short years from now, nearly all brands will be direct-to-consumer. However, not all of the brands we know and love will survive. With a proven history of creating category-leading brands that customers keep coming back to, using our unique style of marketing that leads with value, we are not only building the next generation of brands, but redefining the relationship people have with the brands they love, for the better.

I have an appointment at Golden Hippo. Where should I go?

We look forward to meeting you! Please park in the lot in front of our building, and hit the buzzer by the entrance so our front desk associate can let you in. She will direct you from there.

How can I search/apply for jobs?

All of our available positions are posted on our career page, with a form to apply online. If we think you could be a good fit, we will be in touch.

What should I include with my job application?

Each job posting will specify what you need to include. Most positions require a resume and cover letter, and additional requirements vary. We may ask for personal references and other information after you apply.

What’s the hiring process like?

We are looking for employees whose skills, experience, and personalities are compatible with our dynamic work environment and unique company culture.

First, we will review the application you submit online. If we feel like your background and experience could be a potential fit, we will schedule an initial phone interview. The next phase in the hiring process involves 2 to 3 onsite interviews with your prospective supervisor and team members. We will also request and review your references and conduct a background check before bringing you aboard.

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