Golden Hippo Culture

Our Culture

Since our founding in 2010, we have operated on these core principles that we apply to our customers and our workplace:

A Fun,

We understand that creative people work best in an engaging environment without being micro-managed. That’s why we give our employees the space they need to do their best work. Our workplace is relaxed and casual, yet results-driven, and fun.

A Place Where
A-Players Rise Together

Our team loves to collaborate, whether it is getting together to solve difficult programs, or competing for the top prize on the company fishing trip. We are a place where you will never stop learning, feel inspired to do your best work, We strive to promote from within – Golden Hippo is a place where you can begin at entry-level, and rise to the Executive Team.

Conveniently Located,
Optimally Designed

We’re located in Woodland Hills, CA, minutes off of the 101 freeway, and walking distance from fantastic restaurants — not that you’ll need to go out. Our facilities feature a kitchen fully-stocked with organic food, a full gym, an outdoor area for dog walks, and an open area for our yoga and meditation classes.


As a leader in direct-to-consumer marketing, we build health, beauty, and pet care brands that are innovative, profitable, and make the world a better place.

Together with doctors and leading experts, develop best-in-class products that set new industry standards for quality, efficacy, and innovation.

And that’s just the start.

Our team works together to market those products using a unique sales model that includes online video presentations, engaging email campaigns, native advertising, search engine optimization and more.

Then, we link each brand with a charitable organization, so we can make sure that with every sale, we’re giving back to the global community.

Our brands range from doctor-formulated vitamins and supplements, to innovative skincare solutions, to holistic, nourishing pet foods. We are always looking for breakthrough brand ideas, as we incubate one or two new brands each year. Here are just a few we are known for:


Every single one of our team members works by a set of core values. These values are designed to bring us closer as a team, make us stronger as a company, and to help us do our absolute best work every day.

  1. Be passionate about understanding our business and improving peoples’ lives.

    This means, as Hippos, we take ownership of our work (and our mistakes — we’re all human!), constantly being on the lookout for ways to improve things, and striving toward self-development.

    It also means we’re ready to ask smart (and difficult) questions, taking responsibility to learn and grow within your position, and always, ALWAYS keeping an open mind when it comes to feedback. Because the most successful hippos know: honest feedback is an incredibly valuable tool.

  2. Build and deliver best-in-class brands, products, and services.

    Here at Golden Hippo, we want to deliver the absolute best to our customers, at every single point of connection, from creating user-friendly order pages, to the best products on the market, to an amazing customer service experience.

    That’s why the most successful hippos have a “results-oriented” mindset — we get things done, the right way, which means working hard and collaboratively, and making sure the best idea wins, every time (no matter whose idea it was).

  3. Build and nourish trusting relationships

    This means we focus on building strong relationships between our brands and customers — and also strong relationships within and across our teams. Communicating with openness, honesty, respect, and integrity is the best way to build strength.

    That’s why we’re so passionate about our open door communication policy — no person, team, or department is off-limits, and everyone from our CEO to our newest entry-level employees are welcome (and encouraged) to debate and collaborate candidly and constructively.

  4. Make strategic, data-driven decisions.

    We’re big believers in testing (and re-testing) everything, and making big decisions based on data, rather than emotions. That way, we can know for certain that the best idea is always the one being implemented.

    We also implement tests (and decisions) quickly at Golden Hippo. After all, we work in the fast-paced online environment, and we want to stay ahead of the game wherever possible. We’re big on moving fast, and never, EVER sitting around.



Strive to overdeliver. Lead with value, and leave those you touch better than you found them, no matter what. Every contact point is an opportunity to impress and delight.

Build Trusted

Earn trust by being consistently excellent. Treat customers and co-workers as family, because they are. Create a wow experience that people remember, and talk about.


Build innovative, best-in-class products that exceed expectations, and set a new standard. Create results that can be measured, and continuously improve. Make a difference in people's lives.

Golden Hippo is more than a workplace — it's a place where some of the
best in the world work together to impact the lives of millions of people.


Software QA Manager

"It’s a friendly and open atmosphere. Everyone is helpful and easy to work with. Top management regularly strives to get input and ideas from all employees, including contests and prizes, so everyone can make a difference. It’s good to be a Hippo."


Email Marketing Operations Specialist

"My favorite thing about working at Golden Hippo is the monthly birthday lunches and happy hours! I'm able to get to know my coworkers on a more personal level which makes everyone more approachable when working with them!"


Supply Chain Analyist

“Unlike large corporations where individuals have very specific jobs that limit their duties and exposure to growth, Golden Hippo has allowed me to quickly gain a lot of valuable skills for my career growth. I have plenty of exposure to challenging assignments. I've also learned how to adapt and improvise as well as take on new duties.”