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Why Golden Hippo?

Golden represents the “golden ratio” - symbolizing nature’s perfect balance in all things. For us, it also symbolizes our belief in the Golden Rule - do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The Hippopotamus is sacred in many ancient traditions. It means ‘Water Horse’, and it is said to teach us how to synthesize the elements of both water and land into our daily lives.

The Hippo’s wisdom is said to include imagination, emotional depth, creation, healing, the ability to move gracefully and powerfully, protection of family, and the birth of new ideas. These are the things we strive for, for both our customers and our team.

What do you do, exactly?

We help people all over the country achieve their health and wellness goals, one product at a time.

What are your company goals?

We want to do more than sell product - we want to improve lives. We aim to always deliver on our 3 core principles: Deliver maximum value, provide amazing customer support and create trusted long term relationships.

I have an appointment at Golden Hippo. Where should I go?

We’re looking forward to meeting you. Please park in the parking lot in front of our building, and enter through the glass door facing Mullholland. The door will be locked, but there is a number posted in front that you can call to be let in, and take the elevator up to the second floor.

Once you get off the elevator, you’ll notice that we’ve got a big open office with no traditional reception area. Just say hello to whoever you see, and tell them who you’re looking for. We’re all friendly! I promise.

I want to know more about the company - how do I get in touch?

See our contact page for the best ways to reach us.See our contact us page for the best ways to reach us.

How can I search/apply for jobs?

All of our available positions are posted on our careers page. If you think you’d be perfect for us, but you don’t see the right position, feel free to apply by selecting the “Don't see what you are looking for, upload your resume here!” position and explain what you can bring to the table. We’re always open to new, innovative ideas.

What should I include with my job application?

If you’re applying to a listed position, read the posting and see what we’re requesting. As a general rule, we want to see your resume, a unique cover letter, a portfolio of work (if applicable,) salary expectations and references.

What’s the hiring process like?

Since our culture is so important to us, we always strive to make sure that employees are a good fit with both their skills and their personality.

If we like you on paper, we’ll have an initial phone interview followed by 2-3 in-person interviews with your supervisors, team members, and our partners. Once we’ve gotten the go-ahead, we’ll call your references and bring you in for a trial. The length of the trial is decided by you, your supervisor and our HR manager. If the trial goes well, congratulations and welcome to the Golden Hippo team.

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We have many open positions and are always on the lookout for great people