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We have many open positions and are always on the lookout for great people, we urge you to apply if you see a role that you feel fits your skill set and background. Once you have done so, our friendly recruiters will be happy to chat with you about what you’re looking for, your passions, and your career objectives in an effort to determine if Golden Hippo will be your next career endeavor

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Here at Golden Hippo we focus on bringing sustainable health and wellness to people all over the world, from our employees to our customers. We believe that a good life starts with good health and we want to help as many people as possible enjoy a good life.

Since we were founded in circa 2010 we have operated on three core principles that we apply to our customers and our employees:

Deliver Maximum Value

For Customers : We strive to provide scientifically tested products that reach the highest standards of quality, at the best prices possible.

For Employees : We strive to provide scientifically tested products that reach the highest standards of quality, at the best prices possible.

Provide “WOW” Support

For Customers : We believe in proactive customer support, from follow up emails to customer support available on the phone 7 days a week. We strive for a 4 hour response time in all our interactions and aim to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with their purchases and our service at all times.

For Employees : From fantastic health benefits to retirement plans to free yoga during the work day, our employees have the support they need to live a healthy, productive life at work and at home.

Build Long Term, Trusted Relationships

For Customers : When it comes to “lifetime customer value”, our goal is exactly that. By following the first 2 principles we aim to create life-long relationships with customers who become raving fans of our products and services.

For Employees : We love long-term employees, so we go out of our way to keep our employees happy, engaged and challenged. We offer ample leadership opportunities for anyone who wants to step up, fun non-work activities, free workouts and meditation and an open, communicative environment.


One of the best things about Golden Hippo is the company culture. We’re more than a workplace–we’re a place where connections are made, collaboration happens and brands are grown.

A Fun, Engaging Workplace

We understand that creative people work best in an engaging environment without a manager breathing down their neck. That’s why we give our employees the space they need to do their best work. Our workplace is relaxed, casual, and most of all, FUN.

No Closed Doors

No one at Golden Hippo works in closed offices, and employees collaborate and communicate freely. We know that the education of an A-Player never stops, so our office also includes a full library of books and educational programs.

Our Team Comes First

Our team loves to have fun and motivate each other, from outings and parties to birthday lunches to office weight-loss challenges. We know you spend as much time with your coworkers during the week as you do with your partner and friends, so we strive to make sure that our employees mesh well and enjoy their time together - both in and out of work.

Work Hard, Play Hard

We’re located in Woodland Hills, CA just minutes from fantastic restaurants - not that you’ll need to go out. Our facilities feature a fully stocked kitchen available to employees, an outdoor gym, an open area for our yoga and meditation classes, and more. On any given day, you’ll not only meet our employees, but a few of their dogs and our lizard mascot, Randy.


We’re a fast-growing company! With about 450 employees spread out across 3 locations:

Woodland Hills, CA

Our Woodland Hills office is the behind the scenes heart of the operation, where products are conceptualized, websites are built, marketing is done and more.

Chatsworth, CA

Our Chatsworth location has two incredibly important roles. First, it's our fulfillment center, where our orders are packed and shipped to customers quickly. Second, it houses one of our inbound call centers, which provides our customers with the superb service they've come to expect from us.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Our Utah location houses both our inbound and outbound call centers. Our outbound call center plays a vital role to our sales and customer support team, while our inbound centers provides our customers with the superb service they've come to expect from us.


The Smile Train

Change The World One Smile At A Time
Smile Train is an international children’s charity that provides 100%-free cleft repair surgery and comprehensive cleft care to children in 85+ developing countries. Our sustainable model empowers local doctors to provide cleft care in their own communities.

2015 265 Surgeries
2016 304 Surgeries and counting


Pencils Of Promise

We’re a global community that believes everyone deserves access to quality education. We’re reshaping the landscape of education guided by our 100% PROMISE

100% FOR-PURPOSE PoP is guided by our revolutionary “for-purpose” approach.

100% DIRECT GIVING 100% of every dollar donated online goes directly into our programs to educate more children.

100% SUCCESS RATE Thus far, every school we’ve opened is fully operational and educating students daily.


charity: water

charity: water: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

In ten years,
charity: water has grown from a scrappy startup to the biggest water charity in the United States. Today, more than one million supporters have made clean water part of their story, and together, we've changed the lives of over 6.4 million people around the world.


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